Automatic Signature Verification

Software Development Kit (SDK)

ProgressSoft-ASV SDK

ProgressSoft presents its Automatic Signature Verification offering in Software Development Kit format with PS-ASV SDK, which avails a reliable and efficient means to verify and authenticate signatures. PS-ASV SDK has been developed upon researching most advanced signature recognition technology and conducting tests on more than 5 Million signatures. It encapsulates more than 102 techniques to extract and analyze characters and traits pertaining to a signature. PS-ASV SDK represents an essential tool for many applications that serve various lines of businesses, such as banks, financial institutions, insurance, customs, healthcare centers and many more.


Sophisticated Signature Analysis and Comparison

PS-ASV facilitates the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence engines, analytical and geometrical analysis, and pattern recognition, to provide an automatic method to compare the cleaned-up signature extracted from checks or other documents with reference signatures. For every cosigner, the signature is analyzed with cutting-edge signature analysis and comparison techniques to provide an enormous set of characteristics that are collectively considered when comparing and ensuring the validity of signatures. Some of these techniques include dynamic grids, signature vectorization, region-based signature division, and curve alignment and matching.

Accurate Signature Verification

After the intensive signature analysis and comparison, PS-ASV SDK calculates the confidence value, which is a percentage that reflects the resemblance between the compared signatures. The confidence value serves as a basis for decision making with regards to signature genuineness; a decision can be rendered upon considering this value to either accept or reject the signature, based on the account conditions and payment rules set by the user.

Flexible Structure with Wide Applicability

ProgressSoft’s SDK can smoothly be integrated and used by third-party solutions and in-house applications. The SDK automatically analyzes and compares the traits and distinguishing characteristics of two signatures, and hence returns the matching results to the calling application. This flexible structure enables PS-ASV SDK to easily integrate with any application that requires signature verification. Being a closed engine, it can also work with solutions developed in various platforms.

Significant Benefits

By ensuring precise and prompt results, PS-ASV SDK accelerates the verification process and increases the efficiency and accuracy of users. While processing effort is minimized, reduction in operational costs can simultaneously be realized. Deploying the SDK also plays a direct role in detecting fraudulent signatures, thus furnishing a higher level of security across business operations. All this ultimately results in better services to end customers and in creating a sustainable competitive advantage over rivals in the market.