DataReader WebAPI

DataReader WebAPI is a Web API application that can be used to extract data from various supported documents. Can be used in any application that is connected to the internet and need to read data from an image automatically.

Currently DataReader WebAPI can read data from:

Indonesian ID card (KTP)

Indonesian TAX card (NPWP)

Indonesian Driver License (SIM)

KITAS (Foreigner Identity Card)


Business card

DataReader process is started by uploading an image file to the WebAPI. The image can be taken with mobile phone camera, image scanner, or picked from existing image files. The upload process itself can be done by a mobile application, an angular based web application, or a desktop application. The curently supported image file formats are .jpg and .png

First, a client application upload an image to the WebAPI. If the upload process is successful , the WebAPI will response with a unique UploadId. The client application can then query the WebAPI about the status, the progress and the result of the data reading process based on the UploadId.

KTP Reader Online Sample

In this sample web application, using a desktop web browser, an existing document image file can be picked and uploaded, or using a mobile phone camera, an image can be taken with a camera app and then uploaded to the DataReader WebAPI. If the upload is successful and the image quality is acceptable, predefined form fields will be filled in with data read from the image.

Other Online Samples

The same web application can be build using DataReader WebAPI to extract data from other kind of document