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PT Prisma Teknologi Informatika provides IT solution utilizing the latest technology in Digital Mark Reader, Document Scanners, Digital Archiving and Digital Form Processing. It helps its clients to reach their objectives efficiently and effectively by providing products, consultation and services in the technology.

PT Prisma Teknologi Informatika has smart solutions concept by gathering requirements, technologies and people together with the business processes, the business objectives can be reached in measurable efforts using the provided products and services. All the products and services are parts of “smart solution” spirit.

In developing solutions, PrismaTek concerns on delivering the technology according to its objective and usability, unnecessary sophistication should always be avoided. This concept will enable the customers to maintain and utilize the technology and tune it according to their business needs when required, the solutions will be provided as simple as possible. On other hand, PrismaTek updates its technology adoption to catch up with the new business challenges.

Prisma team conducts technology transfer to its client in terms of in depth know-how about the technology and its operation work and how to handle troubles when it comes unexpected. User Training is part of a Solution delivery.

By focusing only on a specific field in the Information Technology, we are able to deliver reliable products and improve the quality of services to our customers.

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