FindFace Enterprise Server SDK

FindFace Enterprice Server SDK

Powered by Ntechlab face recognition algorithm, FindFace Enterprise Server SDK effectively processes face recognition and works on the client’s side – no biometric data is transferred or stored by NtechLab. It detects and identifies people’s faces in live video streams and video footage addressing a wide range of business tasks, such as precise people count, demographic information, people flow and client behavior. FindFace Enterprise Server SDK allows for integration into any web, mobile, or desktop application using cross-platform REST API.

FindFace Enterprise Server SDK 2.0 can be adopted across a wide range of use cases and industries including customer analytics, client verification, fraud prevention, hospitality, and access control. It can be deployed across retail, banking, entertainment, sports, event management, dating services, security, public safety, homeland security, and more.

System Requirements
Server System Requirements

(applicable for standalone installation)
CPU: x86-64 with AVX support
RAM: 2 GB plus an additional 1 GB per 1 million faces
OS: Ubuntu 16.04 or later (x64 only)
Virtual machine support: VMware vSphere 5.0 or later

Video detector system requirements

CPU: 1 x 720p (1280×720) stream at 25FPS > i7-6700 (4 phys core CPU)
RAM: > 4 GB
OS: Ubuntu 16.04 or later (x64 only)


FindFace Enterprise Server SDK 2.0 uses a proprietary neural network trained to near-perfection on 20,000,000 photos. Its performs with the highest speed and accuracy, proven by our NIST 2017 certification and MegaFace challenge in 2015. FindFace redefines the industry standards and enables new, previously impossible applications.

Our unique neural network operates with an error rate as low as 1 in 1,000,000. With a dataset of 10,000, its identification accuracy rate is over 95% and its verification accuracy rate is over 99 %. (It’s not less than 95% in the vast majority of business use cases.)

The FindFace Enterprise SDK 2.0 enables gender, age, and emotions recognition. It detects the gender of a person in a photo with 99% accuracy, and detects age with 95% accuracy within a three-year threshold. Additionally, it enables a person’s primary and secondary emotions detection.

Our GUI and open-source Android demo app will help you more deeply understand the power of our solution and share it internally if needed.

Thanks to the industry’s smallest face descriptor (coming in at just 1.28 KB) and our unique proprietary search index, FindFace technology is able to search billions of photos in less than half a second.

The FindFace Enterpirse Server SDK 2.0 runs with all data stored on your own servers to give your business absolute peace of mind. With cross-platform REST API on board, the FindFace Enterprise Server SDK 2.0 can be easily integrated in any web, mobile, or desktop application in a prompt and unified manner.